Ty Phillips is a registered personal trainer located at Fitness First Flinders Street Platinum and Richmond, Church Street, Melbourne.

Ty distinguishes himself from other trainers by his holistic and individualised approach to health and wellness. His secret to coaching his clients to achieve such rapid results lies in his ability to tailor training and nutritional recommendations to the individual. 

As a passionate speaker, Ty shares his knowledge and experience with the public by conducting seminars and education seasons from within his home club in Fitness First. In these sessions he guides open discussions on a number of topics ranging from nutrition for fat loss, supplementation and training techniques for fat loss and hypertrophy.

Ty is continually expanding his scope of influence and further his vision, by undergoing further study in the fields of strength training, nutritional programming and functional medicine with some of the world's leading industry experts.



  • Registered Personal Trainer

  • Certificate III/IV in Fitness

  • Certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach

  • Charles R. Poliquin BIOPRINT Practitioner

  • Triggerpoint Therapist

  • FitnessU Pro-Trainer Mentor


  • Coach Jake Carter Performance Nutrition Online Mentorship Program - Ongoing

  • The Dubois Method Hypertrophy Specific Online Mentorship Program - Ongoing

  • Kilo Strength Society/Stephane Cazeult Online Mentorship Program - Ongoing

  • Kilo Strength Advanced Strategies to Program Design Seminar - Jun 2018

  • Francine Savard & Larry Vinette Body Composition Seminar - Oct 2017

  • Clean Health Level 1 & 2 Internship - Aug '15

  • Christian Thibaudeau Hypertrophy Seminar - Nov 2016

  • Christian Maurice Body Transformation Seminar - Dec 2016

Personal Training

Fat Loss - Utilising the most cutting edge methodology and training systems to provide you with results based training.

Hypertrophy - Training programs designed to create a lean, strong and athletic physique. No dirty bulking. 

Nutritional Coaching

Individuality - Solutions specific to your lifestyle, and 100% tailored to the individual.

Planning - Periodised nutritional guidance for fat loss and hypertrophy.

Structural Balance Assessment

Treatment - Through utilising a combination of soft tissue work and intelligent program design, we can aim to achieve true structural balance in the body to minimise risk of injury.

Testing - A method of testing muscle length and strength to identify and treat muscular imbalances to improve post

Bioprint Consultation

Hormonal Profiling - A unique system pioneered by Charles Poliquin that helps paint a picture of your hormonal balance in relation to where you store fat.

Integration - Modulating hormonal expression through training, diet, supplementation and lifestyle to promote fat loss and gain lean muscle.

Blood Chemistry Analysis

Investigation - By assessing your blood chemistry markers, I can help you pinpoint critical deficiencies and potential areas of your physiology that may require attention.

Homeostasis - Helping you to restore balance metabolically and nutritionally through supplementation, diet and lifestyle.

Ongoing Education

Implementation - Results are strictly measurable by the degree of client compliance.

All solutions are specific to YOUR needs. In order to get the best possible results available for your circumstances, I will aspire to teach you all I can to best result possible.

Learn - Knowledge is power and results are meaningless unless they can be maintained.

Get to know more about how to support a healthy metabolism through 1:1 coaching and resources provided to educate and empower!