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Ty Phillips Functional Health Coach Sydney

Are you tired of the fluff and looking for a results based approach to training? 

Whether it's fat loss or building a lean athletic physique that you are after, allow me to help you transform the way you think about health and training from the inside out.
Located in the heart of Sydney at the iconic Fitness First Kings Cross, Ty combines his skills in strength training, nutritional programming, advanced supplementation and mindset coaching in order to achieve remarkable results - and lasting change!


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It seems to me that the primary outcome for signing up with a PT is in a word RESULTS. If thatโ€™s what you are in the market for Ty will deliver. For me in a relatively short time (14 weeks) I switched from a 24.5% body fat to 15% giving me a significantly improved lean muscular physique.

Tyโ€™s approaches his clients with care, humour and just the right amount of drill sergeant to push through to personal best. Knowing that I can still improve on my results has me continuing with Ty as I know that he is the trainer for the job.
— Gary P.
Being a complete newbie to a gym environment, Ty made me feel so welcome and at ease.

Ty was always - and continues to be - so incredibly supportive and dedicated to my transformation.
— Catriona M.